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Sudhanva Dhananjaya

  • CEO, Excelsoft Technologies
  • Founder & Secretary Excel Public School

Sunil Gupta

  • Leader, Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Advanced Analytics

About Us

V2Learn is a private educational institution which will work closely with academia and industry to bridge the skill gap by providing personalized, adaptive and job-specific training in improving student's functional and technical skills.

V2Learn comprises of passionate trainers and industry experts having decades of experience in various technology streams and implementation of learning models to bring learning effectiveness. V2Learn's unique framework for learning and engagement will act as a bridge between Academia and Industries. V2Learn teaching framework will bring in independent thinking, interoperable work culture, timed task management, and process adoption mindset in students

V2Learn programs help students to align their thinking towards industry expectation and get strong chances of placement in the organization. This will increase the employability and also kindle innovative culture in academic students


Reason Why Choose V2Learn.


Time bound Blended learning sessions

Blended learning session will help to connect with experts. The sessions will be more on case study and Project based framework

Support to achieve Learning goals

Initial evaluation will be done for each student and they will be allowed to set their learning goals. Learning recommendation and mentoring will be done throughout the course to achieve the goals set by students

Continuous evaluation and feedback

Formal and Informal evaluation of skill progress will be done by trainers and experts around. Feedback will be provided to students to reflect back and improve

Expert sessions and soft skills sessions for overall skill improvement

Expert sessions on Technology, Process and Soft skills will be arrange as part of the program delivery. This will help students to understand the industry expectations and tune their thoughts to suit the same

Completion certificate with self-reflection report

Evaluation will be done before and after the training program. Report will be shared with students to self-reflect. This report will be given along with program completion certificate

Capstone project and Internship

Capstone project and Internship programs will be facilitated based on the program for experiencing real-life process and procedures followed in industries

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